Website Designing Tips – Make It More User-Friendly

Website Designing Tips – Make It More User-Friendly

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The days when websites were used in business for the purpose or sharing information or promoting the products are long gone. Today, websites are being used to make provision of the ultimate experience to the customers. In the process, the traffic conversion increases. It is necessary to make the website as appealing as you can if you wish to provide the best experience to your customers.

It is at times that the website’s structural design predicts its loading and working. Speed is the prime essence in today’s life amongst others. Below mentioned are a few among the many tips that can help your website do wonders for you.

  1. The website should be very fast.

Today’s market has no place for slow websites. In case your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, there is a high chance that you are going to lose customers. Double-click by Google conducted a study that showed that 53% visits of the websites in mobile were left in case it couldn’t load in 3 seconds. It was also found that the sites that loaded with 5 seconds were used for 70% more times with a low bounce rate of 35%. They also had higher view ability for ads by 25%. This statistics was provided on comparison of the other websites that took almost 19 seconds to load.

  1. Empower Content Coaching – Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network is a tool which has the ability to store the data of your website and propel it to the various servers round the globe. As for example, in case you reside in Texas and some your visitors are prom parts of Europe or Asia, all your data of the website will be cached by the CDN. It will then be distributed in the servers of Europe and Asia to boost up the experience of the users. This remits your foreign visitors from requesting access to US server and it will load faster. You can increase 50% of your website speed alongside reduce 70% bandwidth by using a good CDN.

  1. Make the navigation easy and have easy Call-to-Actions

Make sure the navigation within the website is simple. Users want it to be intuitive. Complex page names and navigations in multiple levels won’t help. The device they are viewing on should not be a barrier. Add clears buttons which directly calls-to-action. It reminds your visitors what the business wishes them to do on a particular page. This will save time of the user and help them in simplified usage of the website. Some of the most common call-to-action button includes:

  • ‘Buy Now’
  • ‘Contact Us’
  • ‘Request a Quote’
  • ‘Download Now’
  1. Provide best information on your Contact Page.

You should provide your customers with a direct way to communicate with you. Else they may lose trust on you. A study showed that 51% individuals that a lot of websites lack complete contact information. Provide in-depth contact information. But keep the aim that they don’t have to pick the phone to solve their issues. Your website’s call-to-actions must fulfill the job.

Professional help can provide you with a lot of guidance if you wish your website to provide the ultimate experience to your customers. There are numerous count of agencies that can give you words to provide you with the best designed website, but only a handful can keep up to their words. Before you choose on a website design agency, feel free to decide on what you want and how you want.

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