Some Tips on Playing the Archery Tag

Some Tips on Playing the Archery Tag

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Archery tag has the same rules as dodgeball but it has the projectile action involved in paintball. It is considered as the extreme sibling of range archery. The difference is that instead of paper, two teams make use of foam-tipped arrows aimed at one another in the pursuit of victory. Hitting the target and surviving the battle demands a bit of practice. That’s why you have to know some tip about how to aim and how you can use teamwork to win the game. Here are some of the best tips:

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Worry not about getting hit.

When you get hit with an arrow with a foam tip it’s like getting hit with a Nerf ball. It can be felt but it doesn’t hurt or sting a lot. Bows of archery tag are known to have lower draw weight compared to the traditional ones. This makes the game appropriate even for 8 years old kids and older.

Change how you aim.

Since the arrow is designed differently, you do have to aim in a different manner like you would a standard arrow. Foam-tipped arrows are known to drop faster and they also travel slower. The best thing to do is not to aim directly at targets but above them. Gravity will do the rest from there.

Take your time when you’re shooting.

One good strategy in archery tag is to catch an opposing player while you have the element of surprise. When you do need to chase someone, you have to stop before you take aim for you to increase chances. It’s not impossible to aim while moving but it normally includes luck to be successful.

Two people on one is a good strategy.

Advanced field strategy is highly recommended for a player to hit a moving target. It’s better to have two people aim at one person in varying angles. Two people are not only better to succeed than one but the opponent will have less places to escape.

You have to get on the offensive.

You need to think of a strategy. The more aggressive and offensive a team is the more likely it is to win the game.