The History of Epiphone

The History of Epiphone

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Epiphone is a child company of musical giant – The Gibson. However, it successfully existed as a single brand for over 70 years. Epiphone has a long and interesting history.

The First Days

The Epiphone was established in 1873 in Turkey. It`s name consists of two words: Epi (which is shortened form of establisher`s son name) and Phone (which is a Greek word for “Sound”). There were two major things that happened during the next thirty years

  • Widening the range of products.

The company had been producing violins only during the first several years. As there were not that many musical manufacturers in Turkey during those times, Epiphone started making mandolins as well.

  • Moving to America.

In 1903 founder moved to America with his family. So, in 1903 Epiphone stopped being a Turkish company and became an American one instead.

Epiphone ruled by Epi

In 1915 the original founder of Epiphone died. His elder son Epi became the leader of company. He was a novator and understood what people wanted really well, so he started manufacturing different types of guitars as a main product.

Epiphone was producing banjos as well. Jazz and blues were the most popular musical genres of 1930s. However, even though banjos were selling well, Epi felt, that guitars are the real instruments of the future generation. Epiphone was one of the first companies to start selling archtop-guitars. Their “Emperor”, “Deluxe” and “Broadway” were considered to be the best on the market.

Epiphone after Epi`s Death

In 1944 Epi died. His brothers inherited the company. They were not as good in the musical industry, as their elder brother or father. The things were getting worse. In 1957 Epiphone had been sold to Gibson – the musical industry giant.

Although the brand`s name was saved, Epiphone was not an independent manufacturer anymore. Gibson`s only worthy opponent on the archtop-guitars market was removed, so the company proceeded to establishing even more powerful positions.

The best Guitars created by Epiphone

During the different epochs, Epiphone was producing different guitars. Let us take a look at the most significant models of each age:

  • 1940`s Broadway

Broadway got its` name not after the famous street, but due to its` unique build. Broadway had a wide, broad and heavy body with short neck. Despite it was not the most convenient for new and aggressive players, the unique sound gamma made it the best archtop-guitar of it`s time.

  • 1960`s ES-330 “Casino”

ES-330 was a rhythm guitar. It became popular because John Lennon, the Beatle`s guitarist used it. John chose ES-330 because it provided a deep and rich sound, which was perfect for making gliding and smooth transitions.

  • 1980`s ES-333 “Tom DeLonge”

Tom DeLonge was an improved version of “Casino”. It had all the positive sides of it`s ancestor, but also included a modern design and some improved build. In fact, ES-333 was so successful, that it`s renewed versions are being produced till nowadays.

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