Smart Tips For Protecting Your Online Reputation With Digital Marketing

Smart Tips For Protecting Your Online Reputation With Digital Marketing

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What type of information comes up when you search for your business name on a search engine? Negative reviews from clients, as well as complaints from trading partners and associates, can compromise your reputation and credibility. Since most of these complaints and reports are posted online on blogs, forums, and websites, it is important to monitor them regularly.

Here are smart tips on how to protect your online reputation by using social media and SEO.

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Your own search results

Owning the search results will give you the ultimate control of your online reputation. One of the ways of doing this without breaking any of the Google’s stipulated rules is by having as many page one rankings for your business name or personal name as possible.

Monitor your mentions online

Thanks to advancement in software development, you do not need to monitor the number of times your name or brand name is mentioned online manually. We now have software that digital marketing experts in Singapore can use to automate the process. Google Alerts is one of the free tools that you can use for this purpose. All you need to do is input the name or keyword that you want to monitor, and Google will send an automated email whenever the specified names are found in the search results. Other advanced software that you can use is Trackur and

Respond to social media mentions actively

Knowing the platform that people are discussing your brand is not enough to manage your online reputation and credibility effectively. You need to go an extra mile and learn why and how to respond to both positive and negative comments professionally. Sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Consumer Reports have thousands of reviews that have a direct impact on the bottom line of companies around the world. Responding to reviews posted on such platforms will safeguard your reputation.

Finally, the internet has made it possible for clients to share their reviews, thoughts, and complaints with the online community by posting them online. On the flip side, it has helped Singapore digital marketing experts to build an authority space that relates to their line of work. A good example is a Search Engine Journal that receives millions of visitors to their site from different search engines.

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