Why Businesses Must Use Application Whitelisting Technique

Why Businesses Must Use Application Whitelisting Technique

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There is always a threat to computer systems from advanced malware. No matter how powerful the antivirus system installed on the computer is, there are chances for it to give access to advanced malware and new ones to get access to the system. This can provide to be a very costly mistake for IT businesses. Now in Singapore, one of the best ways to keep the advanced malware at bay and not to cause any damage to business computers is to make use of application whitelisting on desktops. They will form an additional security layer of protection for the computer from the dangerous malware attacks. The whitelisting technique offers endpoint protection, network protection and all kinds of protection to prevent new malware applications and software from getting installed on the computers.

Why consider application whitelisting?

  • The zero-day malware attacks are very serious and can happen to a system at any time. The application whitelisting is the only tool that can prevent the attacks from zero-day malware.
  • Despite making use of the best protection technologies on endpoints, over the computer network and the external perimeter, the administrators and IT managers do not have any clue when an advanced malware threat catches on their environment. The whitelisting technique will prevent such mishaps from happening.
  • The use of Windows firewall or other third party firewalls will not do anything to prevent the outbound traffic and this can be easily used by the malware. With the installation of the application whitelisting tool, all such problems can be easily stopped.

It would be better off for IT businesses to look for third party application whitelisting solutions to use on their computer systems to secure the data and prevent unauthorized access by malware software. They offer a wide range of features right from defining the applications that can run on the system to warding off the zero-day malware attacks efficiently.