5 Things To Ask Before Choosing A SEO Company

5 Things To Ask Before Choosing A SEO Company

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The web marketing strategy of your business is a mix of many things, and search engine marketing is surely one of them. No matter the amount of resources you may have, it makes no sense to hire a complete team of SEO experts, when you have professional companies that can take up outsourced contracts. In this post, we will talk of the simple questions that you should ask a SEO company before hiring them for the job.

  1. Do you offer references? Do you have case studies? This is ideally the first thing on the list. If a company claims that they have been in business for a long time, they should be able to show their work. Check the references they send, and if possible, take a look at their website for reviews and testimonials.


  1. Do you have a keyword research program? Many known SEO firms like websitepromoter.co.uk offer a definitive campaign that is based on understanding the niche, industry, business and competition of their clients. Keywords drive most of the elements of any campaign and any initial mistake can have a ripple impact on the entire work.
  2. Will you offer a report on my website? A website’s structure, content and overall coding is extremely important for SEO success, and SEO masters usually take a look at these elements before planning a campaign. On-page SEO elements must be reviewed in detail before any further step.


  1. Do you do competitive analysis? Search engine optimization isn’t just about promoting your website, but at the same time, a SEO team needs to evaluate and analyze the immediate competing websites and businesses. A complete competitive analysis will check both online and offline competitors, based on which the campaign would be planned.
  2. Do you deal with content and link building? These are two vital elements for SEO success. Some firms have their own team of writers, who deal with content requirements of clients, both for promotions and link building. Make sure that you check the content quality offered, which has impact on the overall branding basis.

Lastly, don’t miss on asking for details about reporting. SEO is an extremely measurable and scalable process, and SEO firms must offer dedicated reports to their clients on a weekly and monthly basis. More than understanding the link between efforts and results, reports also helps in identifying errors and steps that need corrective action.

Author Bio – As an expert on SEO and PPC, Pete Christafo has worked with clients across the globe. He is known for his extensive focus on client objectives and ability to offer highly tailored services.